CELTA Course


For almost 60 years we have helped thousands of people with their English. Every year more and more people enrol on our courses and countless numbers leave with world class English language qualifications. In order to help people learn English effectively it is crucial to have well trained teachers who are able to teach English competently and completely. For this reason we offer the CELTA course.

This is a certificate level course which teaches people how to teach English to speakers of other languages. These courses are tailored to give candidates the skills, tools and confidence necessary to impart English clearly and communicatively. Our rigorous selection procedure ensures that we train only candidates who really want to teach English; they have a passion for breaking down and putting across language and a desire to be the best professionals they can.


The CELTA course at IML

The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a 4 week intensive course which covers the essential principles of teaching English. It is aimed at candidates with little or no experience in teaching and it introduces ideas and information which are essential in starting to teach. Additionally, CELTA is ideal for teachers with no formal qualifications who wish to gain a recognised professional teaching award. The CELTA is accredited at level 5 of the Qualification and Credit Framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and it is also an international qualification, highly valued and well known all over the world.

There is a strong emphasis on putting into practice what is learnt on the course and candidates will have the opportunity to teach part of a class nearly every day. We have a very ‘hands on’ approach and we really encourage candidates to apply what they have learnt at every stage.

The aims of this course are threefold:

* To gain knowledge of the subject and to be aware of the important steps in teaching and learning effectively.

* To become skilled in a variety of practical techniques used in teaching English.

* To be able to demonstrate sound theoretical understanding and practical competence in a monolingual or multilingual teaching environment.

Free Online Course

Exploring the world of English Language Teaching is a free online course produced by Cambridge English to promote CELTA and it’s available to anyone who chooses to sign up.

The key objective of this free online course is to inform prospective teachers of the benefits of following a CELTA course. If you’d like to know more please follow these links:


The intro video is also available on the Cambridge English You Tube channel as well.



Sample Timetable Week 3