Job Opportunities and Career Development

After-Course Care

We see it as very important to ensure that our graduates are prepared to explore and meet a range of employment possibilities. Our carefully tailored After-Course Care Plan offers graduates invaluable support in helping them move from an intensive 4 weeks of learning and teaching practice to the wide world of TESOL teaching. The range of things that we provide includes:

Help to find a job. IML has many contacts in the local community and in Almeria, Malaga and Marbella. We will endeavour to put graduates in touch with schools and academies in these areas and do our utmost to ensure that graduates are aware of any employment possibilities during and after the course. There could also be the possibility of working with us, here at IML, where suitable graduates will have the unique opportunity of being trained to teach Cambridge exams. After a period of time working here there would also be the possibility of being trained as a Cambridge Oral Examiner, a sought after and highly respected position.

Observation of experienced teachers at IML. Graduates get the chance to sit in on a range of exam based and general English classes to see how they are taught.

Simulated job interviews. Graduates get the chance to participate in mock interviews in order to prepare for real interviews.

Regular contact. When the course has finished, it is not just ‘goodbye´, we would like our graduates to keep in touch! We are very interested in how they are developing as English teachers and on their different experiences in the TEFL world. We also welcome testimonials which are always very helpful to our current trainees.