Recommended Reading

Before coming on the course we strongly recommend looking through a range of reading material which will be of great benefit to trainees in the input sessions, assignment writing and teaching practice.

The suggested titles are:

* An A-Z of ELT, Scott Thornbury (Macmillan)

* An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage, Leech, Cruikshank and Ivanic (Longman)

* Teaching Tenses, Rosemary Aitken (Longman)

* Practical English Usage, Micheal Swan (OUP)

Teaching English in Spain, Jenny Johnson (In Print Publishing)

* The Practice of English Language Teaching, Jeremy Harmer (Longman)

* Learning Teaching, Jim Scrivener (Heinemann)

* English Grammar, Louis Alexander (Longman)

* Sound Foundations, Adrian Underhill (Macmillan)

* Learner English, Swan and Smith (CUP)