Terms and Conditions

Course Payment Details

Once an applicant has been accepted on the course he/she will be required to pay the deposit. They must ensure that the balance of the course fees is paid at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the course. Applicants who apply less than 4 weeks before the course will need to pay the entire course fee if accepted.

If an applicant decides to withdraw from the course before paying of the balance of the fees, no deposit will be refunded.

Failure to pay for course fees prior to the commencement of the course will result in the applicant being withdrawn from the course and loss of deposit.

If an applicant withdraws from the course, once started, then no course fee will be refunded.

Complaints and appeals about results and course provision

Our centre has a rigorous internal complaints and appeals procedure which ensures that all queries and dissatisfaction is dealt with professionally and efficiently. Every case will be dealt with individually and all aspects of the complaint/appeal will be heard by the senior management team.

If the candidate is not satisfied that the issue has been dealt with adequately they have the right to appeal to Cambridge ESOL Central Office in writing. If they are disputing a grade then Cambridge ESOL holds a Grade Review Meeting where candidates`grades are reviewed.

All complaints must be made no longer than two weeks after candidates have received their provisional grades.

Tutor Support

Our tutors have been carefully selected to ensure that the highest level of subject knowledge, teaching practice, training and professional competence are demonstrated at all times. During the course they will be available to guide and encourage trainees whenever necessary. We have a dedicated administrative team who fully support the training team and provide essential help in ensuring all the various forms and manuals are up-to-date and that the information therein is reflected in the procedures throughout the course.

Equal Opportunities Policy

The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment of the director, course tutors and administrative staff to the promotion of equality of opportunity in the areas of admission and potential future employment.

It is our policy to provide admission and employment equality to all, irrespective of:

• Gender, including gender reassignment

• Marital or civil partnership status

• Having or not having dependants

• Religious belief or political opinion

• Race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins)

• Disability

• Sexual orientation

• Age

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All trainees and potential employees will be treated fairly and will not be discriminated against on any of the above grounds. Decisions about selection and potential recruitment after the course will be made objectively and without unlawful discrimination. Our equal opportunities policy will help all those who train with us and who work for us to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be utilised fully to maximise the efficiency of the Institute of Modern Languages.