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1) What is the main difference between CELTA and the Trinity CertTESOL?

The main difference is that the CELTA is accredited by the University of Cambridge and is the most widely recognized and most prestigious English teaching qualification available at qualification level. Every CELTA course is moderated by Cambrisge University and centres offering this course have to meet rigorous criteria regarding the competence of the trainers, training centre facilities and administrative procedures. The Trinity CertTESOL is accredited by Trinity College London and courses must also meet very high standards as stipulated by the college.

 2) Everyone says the CELTA is really hard work, is that true?

Yes, absolutely. The course is intensive and demanding. There is a great deal to learn as well as completing assignments, planning and preparing lessons, and teaching. The course demands 100% commitment and there is a lot of work to do in the evenings and at weekends. Our skilled and dedicated training team will do their utmost to ensure that every trainee receives all the help they need right throughout the course.

3) Do I have to have teaching experience before coming on the course?

Not at all. The CELTA course is designed for people with little or no experience. It is an introductory course and gives the basic principles of how to teach English.

4)   Do I need to be a native speaker to do the course?

No, not at all. In fact from our experience we have found that often the best teachers, especially of grammar, are not native speakers. Nowadays most English communication is non-native speakers to non-native speakers and often learners feel better able to relate to non-native teachers. However, through the application procedure, candidates will be expected to demonstrate a very high level of written and spoken English.

5) What is the age limit?

We welcome applications from people aged 20 and over. It is truly an enriching experience to have a variety of age groups on the course. So, if you have just retired or are even more mature in years and want a new challenge then send us an application! We will also consider applications from people who are 18 or 19, at the discretion of the Centre.

6) Is it necessary to have a degree?

It is not essential to have a degree. However, candidates must have a sufficient level of education that would allow them onto a higher education course. During the application procedure we will be able to assess the suitability of the candidate for the course and advise them accordingly.

7)  Is it possible to teach children with the CELTA?

CELTA is an acronym which stands for the Qualification in Language Teaching to Adults. However, nowadays schools accept this qualification for learners of all ages. If you are interested in teaching children there are supplementary courses that you can do which focus on teaching young learners.

8) Is class attendance compulsory?

 Trainees are expected to attend every class and complete all the units on the course. There are of course exceptional circumstances, through illness or family issues, where completion of the course may not be possible. In these cases an appropriate recovery programme will be drawn up between the training team and the candidate.

9) How can I prepare for the course?

Once you’re accepted on a course, your tutors will recommend a selection of materials and send you a pre-course task which is not compulsory but we do recommend you go through it to help you prepare better. There is no need to buy any of the recommended books but we do suggest getting hold of a selection just to familiarize yourself with the material you are likely to encounter on the course. Also, get plenty of sleep! The course requires a lot of time and energy and we recommend you come on the course refreshed and ready to work hard!

10) Can I still do the course if I am already an experienced teacher?

Certainly. We welcome applications from teachers who have been teaching for a while and who want to get an accredited qualification, keep up to date with current methodology or simply refresh their teaching skills. You would need to follow exactly the same application procedure as other people but we would certainly take your experience into account.

11) Is it likely that I will get a job after the course?

We have extensive connections with local teaching centres and can put you in touch with various academies that may well have work possibilities.

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How to apply?


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CELTA Granada enrolment procedure:

A prospective applicant for the course must complete an application form and send it to monika.czernek@imlgranada.com


Send the completed word document

When we have evaluated the application form and are satisfied that all the preliminary course requirements have been met, the applicant will be invited for an interview.

CELTA Granada is the only Cambridge accredited TEFL course in Granada 

Being the Platinum ESOL examination centre we have consistently demonstrated a high level of excellent customer care and we have extended it to CELTA training.

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